Dentistry Faculty Organizes Training on ‘Art of Facial Prosthetics’

The Dentistry Faculty of Tishk International University on 10 January, organized a maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation training course for its staff under the title of ‘The art of Facial Prosthetics’.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a field of prosthodontics that focuses on the rehabilitation of patients who have birth deformities or limitations that have arisen as a result of disease or trauma.

Replacing lost bone or tissue, and restoring oral functions including swallowing, speech, and chewing are common uses for prostheses. In some cases, a face or body prosthesis may be required for cosmetic or psychosocial reasons.

A total of 35 participants from the Dentistry faculty staff and Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialities attended the course that was presented by Dr. Zhala Dara Meran, PhD.

The aim of the course was to enable the participants to have a wider view on the maxillofacial prosthodontics and improve their practical skills in constructing facial replacements.

The training course continued for three days and it was sponsored by Zirve Digital Lab.


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