Dentistry Faculty Hosts International Workshop of Painless Anesthesia (Quicksleeper5)



The Faculty of Dentistry at Tishk International University organized an international workshop under the title of “Quicksleeper 5”. The workshop held on November 18th, 2021, was presented and supervised by Dr. Stepahne Diaz, specialist in intraosseous dental anesthesia.

The purpose of the workshop was to allow the participants to understand the painless anesthesia technique, teach them how to use the painless anesthesia technique in their clinics and daily practice, how to give the anesthesia to their patients easily and without any discomfort, and how to anesthetize patients that are contraindicated to take classical local anesthesia.

A total of 105 participants from staff, alumni and students of the Faculty of Dentistry-TIU, in addition to dentists from outside the university circle, attended the workshop.

The workshop comprised of two sessions:

  • First Session: Introducing and discussing the quick sleeper5 device’s function and usage.
  • Second Session: Hands-on training on how to do painless anesthesia using quicksleeper5 on a patient.

The workshop clarified the usage, indications, and contraindications of the quicksleeper5 painless anesthesia device and enabled the participants to have a broad knowledge about this technique in order to get benefit from it in treating their patients.

The workshop was sponsored by Eblal Scientific Bureau.


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