Welcoming ceremony for freshmen students



The Dean of Students at Tishk International University organized a welcoming ceremony for freshmen students, held on January 12th, 2022. The purpose of this event is to congratulate and welcome our new students to TIU society and inform them about our university’s latest updates.


The event commenced with a speech delivered by Dr. Abdul Samad Salahuddin, President of TIU, in which he warmly welcomed our new students to the university for the new academic year (2021 – 2022) and wished them a year full of success and great achievements. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of the Board of Trustees of TIU, who emphasized new projects of TIU and reassured the freshmen on their choice of University, and its promising future. Following this, Hevar Burhan, a student in the Faculty of Dentistry addressed the attendees in the name of all freshmen students.


Live performances and singing were held during the ceremony by our instructors of the Guitar, Daff, Piano, and Saz clubs. To wrap up the event, as a symbol of starting the new academic year with the hope of success, a cake was cut by the university administration and representatives of the new students.


As Student Deanery, we wish all a successful and joyful academic year for all students at Tishk International University.

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